Dedicated Construction Pros

Let’s Build Great Things Together

Dedicated Construction Pros

Let’s Build Great Things Together

Your Best Option in Commercial and Residential Construction

Vermont Pro Builders, LLC is a medium-sized subcontracting company providing various construction services throughout Vermont. We specialize in commercial framing and prefab construction. In addition, we can take care of exterior insulation, siding, and trim packages that are typical in today's modern energy-efficient housing projects.


About Our Reliable Team

Our current staff of 12–15 employees works with many of the top General Contractors (GC) and Construction Managers (CM) in Vermont and New Hampshire. By partnering with crews from different companies, we have the knowledge and ability to be flexible and adaptable on the job site.

Why Choose Us

Skilled Laborers

We’ve had the opportunity to augment GC/CM labor force needs in various areas of carpentry, providing temporary manpower with a focus on skilled labor. Our versatility and experience allow us to work with CMs when they need assistance for a specific scope of work. As dedicated professionals, we strive to provide efficient service for these superintendents and project managers.

Committed to Excellence

Since 1993, we have been growing as a successful company because of our performance, dedication, and achievements. Our employees’ dependable and friendly service anticipates and exceeds our clientele’s expectations. We’re dedicated to offering the highest quality and workmanship of innovative products that represent the best value in the marketplace.

Safe Working Environment

At Vermont Pro Builders, LLC, we take safety very seriously, which is why we continuously work with safety officers from many companies. We strive to maintain constant vigilance regarding VOSHA/OSHA regulations and individual company safety policies.

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